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Notes from the Underground

Today at SXSW in Austin, WIRED music editor Eric Steurer, red-hot remix artist DJ Reset, and I talked on a panel about “Notes from the Underground: The Rise of Remix Culture.” As fits the subject, there was some very good audience participation and back-and-forth, and Reset told some good anecdotes about living on the bleeding … Read More “Notes from the Underground”

The Semantic Web — Live!

Our very own Mike Linksvayer and Matt Haughey are on a panel at SXSW discussing metadata, the semantic web, and the one-of-a-kind Creative Commons search engine at this very moment. If you’re at the Austin Convention Center, get over here to Room 15.

Too many images

Wunderkind novelist Jonathan Safran Foer and badboy British artist Damien Hirst make unrelated appearances in this week’s New York Times magazine. Unrelated, but for this nice coincidence in how the Net has affected each artist’s craft. From the Jonathan Safran Foer profile: Full-page photographs, all in arty black-and-white, are woven into the narrative, and typography … Read More “Too many images”

Ready to Share (Pret a Partager)

Here’s a great idea: A conference that compares how creativity is regulated in fashion versus how it’s regulated in other art forms. In fashion, copyright (among other things) is pretty laissez-faire compared to, say, music or film. On January 29, 2005, the Norman Lear Center will hold a landmark event on fashion and the ownership … Read More “Ready to Share (Pret a Partager)”

At Sundance

I’ll be on a panel on Digital Rights Management tomorrow at high noon at the Sundance Film Festival. Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a key issue for any company that controls content or has a library it wants to exploit. Balancing issues of copyright/privacy versus profit is no small challenge. In the new digital age, … Read More “At Sundance”

Featured Commoner: Magnatune

Magnatune provides “Internet music without the guilt.” Based in Berkeley, California, Magnatune is a record label with a 21st Century business model, offering consumers a unique mix of free and paid music. One of the first for-profit companies to adopt Creative Commons’ copyright licenses into its strategy, Magnatune has amassed both an impressive buzz and … Read More “Featured Commoner: Magnatune”

Al Gore & Science Commons

A surprise visitor, one Al Gore, dropped in on our landlord and friend Mitch Kapor today, and we commoners took the opportunity to tell the former Vice President about Creative Commons and Science Commons. When Mark Resch presented Mr. Gore with a new Science Commons t-shirt and explained the concept, Gore said that it reminded … Read More “Al Gore & Science Commons”

New York Times and Mash-Ups: You Left Out Something

The New York Times continues to write about mash-ups as if they just discovered them. Today a sidebar outlining the history of sampling and mash-ups appears in the Week in Review. Conspicuously missing: The WIRED CD and the current “Fine Art of Sampling” contest. (Negativland gets a mention, though.)