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Mike Linksvayer

(Next in a continuing series of blurbs about Commoners I’m thankful to have worked with.) If there is one person whose heroics are most unsung at Creative Commons, it could very well be Mike Linksvayer. Mike has been the CTO for about two years. He came on at a crucial time, when CC was growing … Read More “Mike Linksvayer”

Matt Haughey

In the spirit of fuller liner notes and proper attribution, I’d like to take a few minutes to point out a few things I am particularly grateful for — specific accomplishments of specific Creative Commoners that may not have yet been attributed fully enough to them. (I tried to start doing this a few months … Read More “Matt Haughey”

Meet Mia

One bit of joy amidst the sadness of leaving Creative Commons is the opportunity to introduce you to Mia Garlick, our new General Counsel. Mia is an IP expert who just recently came to CC from the Silicon Valley branch of the top-notch law firm Simpson Thatcher and Barlett, which she joined after getting her … Read More “Meet Mia”

Top twenty memories at CC

I tried limiting this list to ten, but I couldn’t do it. There’s no way I could really limit it to twenty, even, but I’ll go with the first score that come to mind, in no particular order. (1) Meeting the World’s Coolest Man. (2) Singing karaoke in Seoul with the lawyers of KAFIL, CC’s … Read More “Top twenty memories at CC”

Dream job

This news hasn’t exactly been a secret up until now, but it hasn’t been official either. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be hanging up the Creative Commons jersey to start work full-time at Google, as a product advisor and eventually product counsel. Before I go, I have plenty to say about, and many people to thank for, … Read More “Dream job”

Lessig at M3 in Miami

Our chairman Lawrence Lessig will be speaking on Creative Commons tomorrow morning (Friday) at the M3 Conference in Miami, at the Raleigh Hotel in South Beach. One of the greatest minds of a generation on Collins Avenue — someone please take video.

More on Amsterdam Meeting

I just noticed this cool photo on the CC Netherlands blog. Not cool ’cause I’m in it — I’ve seen myself before — but rather ’cause of the room of European Commoners shown in it. Was a great event. More photos to share soon, I hope.

Creative Commons Europe

I had the good fortune to attend the Creative Commons Europe summit in Amsterdam this week. The meeting, part of the Creative Capital conference, was organized by the Waag Society’s Paul Keller, the public project lead of CC-Netherlands. It was one of those great happenings, more and more frequent these days, that snap your eyes … Read More “Creative Commons Europe”