Ongoing discussions: NonCommercial and NoDerivatives

A few days ago the Students for Free Culture (SFC) published a provocative blog post called “Stop the inclusion of proprietary licenses in Creative Commons 4.0.” The article urged Creative Commons to deprecate (meaning “retire” or similar), or otherwise change the way Creative Commons offers licenses containing the NonCommercial and NoDerivatives terms, because they “do … Read More “Ongoing discussions: NonCommercial and NoDerivatives”

Mozilla Public License 2.0

Congratulations to Mozilla on the release of the Mozilla Public License 2.0 after a two year versioning process. As Mozilla chair Mitchell Baker writes “Version 2.0 is similar in spirit to the previous versions, but shorter, better, and more compatible with other Free Software and Open Source Licenses.” MPL 1.1 is one of the more … Read More “Mozilla Public License 2.0”

Copyright Experts Discuss CC License Version 4.0 at the Global Summit

CC General Counsel Diane Peters addressing affiliates / DTKindler Photo / CC BY The Creative Commons 2011 Global Summit was a remarkable success, bringing together CC affiliates, board, staff, alumni, friends and stakeholders from around the world. Among the ~300 attendees was an impressive array of legal experts. Collectively, these experts brought diversity and depth … Read More “Copyright Experts Discuss CC License Version 4.0 at the Global Summit”