As CC continues to grow and expand, one of the best ways we’ve found to communicate our mission and what our licenses can provide to new members of our community is by letting the rest of the community do the talking. We highlight stories on our blog and twitter, work with groups to flesh out … Read More “MCM”

Advice for Authors on Negotiating With a Publisher About CC Licenses

Cory Doctorow points us towards an excellent essay from the team behind Digital Foundations on ten key steps to negotiating a CC-licensed release with a large scale publisher: 4. Pitch it with facts Use case studies to argue with facts. It also helps for them to see that other reputable publishers have licensed books Creative … Read More “Advice for Authors on Negotiating With a Publisher About CC Licenses”

Beatpick Launches New Website

Former Featured Commoner Beatpick have launched a new website that aims to make it easier to explore their diverse catalog, showcasing improved search features and an easy way to find music to be used in commercial contexts. Of course, their entire catalog remains released broadly under a CC BY-NC-SA license, making it shareable and remixable … Read More “Beatpick Launches New Website”

CASH Music and 50FOOTWAVE Release Power+Light, 1.5GB of CC-Licensed Music

CASH Music, the CC-friendly non-profit we can’t seem to stop talking about, has teamed up with 50FOOTWAVE to release the band’s entire back-catalog – including a brand new EP Power+Light, prior releases, and various rarities – under a CC BY-NC-SA license. Fronted by songwriter Kristin Hersh, 50FOOTWAVE’s back-catalog is a massive amount of material, now … Read More “CASH Music and 50FOOTWAVE Release Power+Light, 1.5GB of CC-Licensed Music”

Learning Music Monthly, CC-Licensed Music Series, Launches

Learning Music Monthly is a new subscription-based, album-a-month, musical series from L.A.-based musician John Wood. Launched yesterday in partnership with CC-friendly record label vosotros, Learning Music Monthly grows out of a previous and similar project that began as an album-a-month project for John Wood and his musical cohorts, resulting in releases that ranged from a … Read More “Learning Music Monthly, CC-Licensed Music Series, Launches”