Riversimple and 40 Fires Foundation promote participatory car design

Caught an interesting NY Times post over the weekend about Riversimple, a British start-up that recently debuted a prototype of a two-seat hydrogen fuel cell car. There are several interesting things about Riversimple’s proposed business model – for instance, it plans to lease the car instead of sell it, and wants to employ a manufacturing … Read More “Riversimple and 40 Fires Foundation promote participatory car design”

11/17: Lulan Artisans Textile Competition

Lulan Artisans, a for-profit social venture that designs and produces high-quality, hand-woven textiles, recently launched a competition – 11˚/17˚ – to solicit community designs for Lulan’s 2010 collection. Lulan will accept submissions until October 15th and are encouraging participants to publish their work under a CC BY-NC license and additionally make them available to independent … Read More “11/17: Lulan Artisans Textile Competition”

Collective Intelligence: Creating a Prosperous World at Peace

We somehow missed last March’s release of Mark Tovey’s collection of essays called “Collective Intelligence: Creating a Prosperous World at Peace” from the Carleton University Press. The book is a 648 page collection of essays from the likes of Yochai Benkler, Howard Rheingold and David Weinberger and is now available to download as a Creative … Read More “Collective Intelligence: Creating a Prosperous World at Peace”

Kutiman Talks to CBC; Interview Audio on ccMixter

If you’re interested in online culture, you’ve probably come across the amazing THRU YOU project from Israeli producer Kutiman (see this WIRED profile for some background). Kutiman mashed together various YouTube clips of people playing instruments (many of them instructional videos) to create something totally new and unique. The result was a collection of seven … Read More “Kutiman Talks to CBC; Interview Audio on ccMixter”

BBC Releases R&DTV Under CC

Turning the tables, the BBC recently interviewed Digg’s Kevin Rose for their R&DTV series. R&DTV is a monthly program consisting of interviews with BBC developers and technology leaders. In conjunction to licensing the shows under our Attribution-NonCommercial license, the BBC is also releasing all of the content that got left on the cutting room floor … Read More “BBC Releases R&DTV Under CC”