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Moving on to Kickstarter

I started working full time for Creative Commons on June 2nd, 2008 just after finishing my masters at ITP. The last year and half has been an incredible experience as I’ve spent my time doing CC outreach, advocacy, and product development. But it is time for me to move on, and I’m excited to announce … Read More “Moving on to Kickstarter”

Printing Thom Yorke's Head

When we blogged about Radiohead releasing the data from their video for “House of Cards” last year, we weren’t really sure what fans were going to do with the 400 megabytes representing the visual data from the video. But now, thanks to Thinigiverse, we have an awesome example of what’s possible when CC licenses encourage … Read More “Printing Thom Yorke's Head”

PicScout Looking for Creative Professionals to Beta Test ImageExchange

Are you a creative professional who frequently finds yourself using Google Image search or the Flickr commons portal to discover new images? PicScout, a company specializing in image recognition software, is working on a Firefox extension called ImageExchange that they want your help to beta test. Right now the program is in closed beta, but … Read More “PicScout Looking for Creative Professionals to Beta Test ImageExchange”

Free Culture Forum is October 29th – November 1st in Barcelona!

If you’re anywhere near Barcelona this coming weekend, you should seriously consider attending the Free Culture Forum: Across the planet, people are recognizing the need for an international space to build and coordinate a global framework and common agenda for issues surrounding free culture and access to knowledge. The Free Culture Forum of Barcelona aims … Read More “Free Culture Forum is October 29th – November 1st in Barcelona!”

Al Jazeera Blogs Go CC

Al Jazeera has just launched the latest of its online project called Al Jazeera Blogs. The website features blog posts written by prominent journalists and correspondents from the global Al Jazeera television network. It also hosts several sub-blogs sections divided by geographical areas, such as the Africa, Asia, Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. In … Read More “Al Jazeera Blogs Go CC”