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Digitale Allmend helps organize 3rd Wikipedia Day

CC Public Project Lead in Switzerland, Digitale Allmend, will join Wikipedia CH in organizing the third Wikipedia Day on September 29 in Bern at the the Pädagogischen Hochschule, PHBern. The event will highlight scientific articles by professors, librarians, archivists, journalists, and students, with the aim of exchanging experience and ideas for Wikipedia and related projects. … Read More “Digitale Allmend helps organize 3rd Wikipedia Day”

C-Shirts, Code, and Music in Japan

  The Creative Commons team in Japan is ablaze with activism. At Mozilla 24 in Tokyo this September 15th, the Japanese team invited participants in their workshop to remix FireFox’s squeezeably-cute new mascot Foxkeh into over 45 uniquely designed CC-licensed T-shirts, a continuation of the successful C-Shirt project highlighted at the iSummit 2007 in Dubrovnik. … Read More “C-Shirts, Code, and Music in Japan”

More Information

More Information Creative Commons also offers ported versions of its six, core licenses for many jurisdictions (usually jurisdiction = country, but not always). Over 50 ported license suites exist. These ported licenses are based on and compatible with the international license suite, differing only in that they have been modified to reflect local nuances in … Read More “More Information”

Upcoming Launch Dates

Upcoming Launch Dates Chile 3.0 Upgrade: Fall 2010 Egypt: Fall 2010 Armenia: Winter 2010 Azerbaijan: Winter 2010 Georgia: Winter 2010 Jordan: Winter 2010 Ireland: Winter 2010