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CC at Notacon

I spent the past weekend at Notacon in Cleveland, OH. While there was one talk devoted to a brief history of copyright in the US, the most exciting talk, for me, was completely unexpected. Jerry Rockwell presented a talk called “Evolution of a Tune: My process of arranging and composing in a Home Studio.” I … Read More “CC at Notacon”

Well That's Embarassing

So in my haste to get ccPublisher 1.1 out on Monday, I neglected to include some of the supporting files in the distribution. This didn’t cause immediate problems on Windows, but did prevent the application from launching on Mac OS X. So without further delay, ccPublisher 1.1.1. Windows and Mac OS X download available.

ccPublisher 1.1 Released

After many, many delays, I’m proud to announce the release of ccPublisher 1.1. This is primarily a bug fix release that corrects the most common problems we’ve had reported. This release also accounts for changes in the upload requirements at the Internet Archive. You can find packages for Windows and Mac OS X here. Go … Read More “ccPublisher 1.1 Released”

ccPublisher 1.0

After six busy months, I’m very pleased to announce the release of ccPublisher 1.0. ccPublisher 1.0 is a feature complete, stable tool which allows users (that’s you) to easily license your work, and optionally upload it to the Internet Archive for free hosting and cataloging. You can download ccPublisher for Windows (.msi) or Mac OS … Read More “ccPublisher 1.0”

Developing for the Commons

Part of our not-so-secret plan for world domination here at Creative Commons includes encouraging developers to include licensing support right in their application. We want to make it easy for developers to integrate license creation, detection and manipulation in their applications. With that in mind, we’ve created 3 mailing lists and a Wiki. The CC … Read More “Developing for the Commons”

Common Gnomes

Another goodie from the elves in the CC Geek Workshop, this time for our friends using Linux; in particular, Gnome users. The new tool, as of yet unnamed (suggestions?) adds a Creative Commons tab to the file properties of any MP3 file. For example, a track from Copy Me/Remix Me : As you can see, … Read More “Common Gnomes”

Embedded License Lookup

We have a long-standing specification for embedding licenses in MP3 audio files which requires two pieces of information: a license claim embeddded in the audio file, and verification metadata hosted on a web page. While command-line tools for looking up the verification metadata have been available for a while, we have lacked an easy, drag … Read More “Embedded License Lookup”

Finding Licensed Content

If you can’t be bothered to open up your web browser and head over to our search engine, but still have a hankering for licensed content, there’s good news. Well, good news if you run Mac OS X. We now have a Creative Commons Search channel for Sherlock You can connect to the channel at … Read More “Finding Licensed Content”