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Geek Speak

What’s that you say? You don’t have enough opportunities to hear geeks talking about Creative Commons work? Well, let me see if I can help remedy that situation. The PyCon 2006 committee has announced the slate of papers for the conference, and I’m pleased to have had my proposal accepted. I’ll be presenting on “Extensible … Read More “Geek Speak”

CC on the Desktop

I spent last Friday through Monday in Boston for the Gnome Boston Hacker Summit, held at MIT’s Stata Center. A free form gathering of hackers and Gnome enthusiasts, I was there to see how Creative Commons licensing and licensed content can work together with one of the leading Free Software desktop environments. The three days … Read More “CC on the Desktop”

mozCC Updated for the upcoming beta

Just a quick note to let people know that we’ve updated mozCC in preparation for the Firefox 1.5 Beta next week. The updated version should also work with all current alpha releases (aka “Deer Park” releases). If you want some more details, check out this entry on my blog.

New Web Services Available

I just turned on the new version of Creative Commons Web Services. The new version, 1.5, has lots of new features. The most important to me as a developer is the test suite — we can now run automated tests on the server software when we make changes to make sure the services still behave … Read More “New Web Services Available”

Roll Your Own License Choooser

In the past if you wanted to integrate Creative Commons license selection with your web application, there was one solution: the partner interface. Today there’s a second way: the Ajax Chooser. The Ajax Chooser is a PHP+Javascript library derived from wpLicense which encapsulates a license chooser. Ajax Chooser uses the CC web services to load … Read More “Roll Your Own License Choooser”

Don't Let the Build Bugs bite!

Every now and then you realize that something stupid has gotten in the way of perfectly good software, and as a result made things difficult for users. Today I ran into two of those situations with CC software. First, the installation packages for ccPublisher for Windows were corrupted on the server. The result is that … Read More “Don't Let the Build Bugs bite!”

mozCC Updated

It was brought to my attention recently that mozCC didn’t properly display the metadata for some pages, including (embarassingly enough) those at ccMixter. So after an appropriate interval of hacking, swearing and coding, I present mozCC 1.1. This is a bug fix release, and everyone is encouraged to upgrade. If you’re using Firefox, the update … Read More “mozCC Updated”